The company

What is the origin of the Bourjois name?

The name "Bourjois" comes from Monsieur Alexandre Napoléon Bourjois - the creator of the first powder blush in the World in 1863. You can find out more about the history of the Bourjois brand in the 'Story of a Brand' section of our website.


The company

I'm a student and I have to write a paper about Bourjois. Could you give me some information about the company, its turnover, its marketing strategy, etc?

First of all, thank you for choosing Bourjois! Unfortunately though, Bourjois is a private and independent company and it does not release details of company performance. However, you can take a look at the Discover Bourjois section of our website to find out more about Bourjois' heritage.


The company

I'm interested in an internship/job at Bourjois UK. Who should I contact?

Contact our UK Human Resources department. You can send your application letter and CV by e-mail to the following address: hr_uk@bourjois.co.uk.


Animal Testing

Are your products tested on animals?

No, our products are not tested on animals.



Do you use GMOs in your products?

Bourjois does not use GMOs* in its products. (*Genetically Modified Organisms) All our stands have complete ingredients listings by product range and shade; please check these for specific ingredient queries.



I'd like to have some samples - who should I contact?

We don't have free samples, but we regularly do special promotions and offers in store - see our website for seasonal offers and Where to Buy for store details.



Where can I buy Bourjois make-up products in UK?

See the Where to Buy section of our website.



I can't find my favourite Bourjois product ... what can I do?

Bourjois is constantly innovating its range with new products and shades, nearly all our ranges have testers so have a look when you are next in store - you never know what you will find!



I tend to have allergic reactions; can I use your products without any worries?

Bourjois makes every effort to ensure that our products are as hypoallergenic as possible. However each person is unique and will have unique reactions. For detailed listings by product range and shade please consult our Ingredients Booklet present on every Bourjois stand. For more specific queries please contact products@bourjois-corp.com



I would like to sell and/or distribute your products in my market: how should I proceed?

Please send information about yourself to the following e-mail address: export@bourjois-corp.com