So laque Ultra Shine nail enamel

Twice as much vinyl for intensely lacquered nails with absolute shine!

The formula is enriched with twice as much vinyl and a complex of highly reflective resins for ultra shiny nails with a long-lasting hold.

The fixing agent in the formula keeps your nails supple, ultra shiny and highly resistant for up to 7 days hold.

With a range of pure, lacquered shades there is no need for sparkles or shimmer, just smooth, shiny and purely colourful nails.

All our nail enamels are formulated WITHOUT using :

- Formaldehyde

- Toluene


- Acetone

- Phthalates

All our formulas are systematically tested and subjected to 3 strict levels of control:

* Strict selection of raw materials used, in terms of quality and traceability

* Before validation, formulas are safety-assessed by a toxicological expert

* Each production batch is strictly checked to ensure the quality of our finished products.

Our products comply with all international cosmetic regulations (European, Japanese, American (FDA), etc.)

As some regulations are stricter than others, our compliance with all of them guarantees a high quality level.

To ensure maximum quality, Bourjois has a team dedicated to scientific monitoring, with access to the latest toxicological surveys to anticipate any changes in regulations on formulas proposed to customers.

Bourjois therefore applies the strictest requirements in developing all its products in its concern to offer maximum safety to its customers.


For longer-lasting shine and hold, don’t forget to apply the Fixant Brillant top coat

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